New Year Greeting

New Year At Various Parts Of The Globe!!

We all mostly celebrate New year on January 1st, that’s like a worldwide common tradition!! But, in reality, do you know that each country has their own tradition of celebrating the new year? They fall on different dates too! read on to know about New Year on various nations!! Let’s start the list with the nation consisting of 50states, and yes you got it right!!


The United States of America as widely referred as a happening hub to the youth, many people folk here at the New York City to see the magnificent new year celebrations!! Well, what’s so special here? The Times Square ball drop!! This has been a tradition here since 1907, and the descent happens just in time, starting at 11:59!!! There is a huge crowd that gathered to witness this event. Apart from this, people celebrate by sharing the traditional champagne and end of the old year in a countdown beginning to the new year!! The Christmas and new year celebrations are always for the family and friends meet, to stay connected in lives and cherish those happy moments of life!

South America:

People here eat a stew made from Black eyed peas, to bring prosperity, as they are said to symbolize coins.


Chinese New Year isn’t actually celebrated on Jan 1st, but falls on a different date, usually in the end of January to Mid Feb. the first day is celebrated with great pomp, running the evenings preceding that happens every year as per tradition including dragon dance fireworks, and on the 15t day holding the lantern festival. The Chinese follow a certain tradition in their customs, they hide their knives at home. cutting each other, accidentally on that auspicious day is considered to bring bad luck to the entire family, and hence this has been followed. They also paint their home doors in red color, symbolizing good fortune and happiness.


India is a diverse country and has people from all religions and walks of life. Indians do celebrate the American New year, falling on 1st of Jan, with celebrating at midnight, cakes and chocolates distributed to loved ones and neighbors. But, according to main religions that exist in the nation, their cultural new year falls on different dates. For Hindus down the South and most of North, it falls during the month of March- April. Here, they celebrate by offering their prayers to the Sun Lord, for bestowing his mercy to prosper their agricultural fields, thus offering him food and water. It’s called as “Ugadi/Baisakhi/Gudi Padwa/ Vishu” and so on. There are varieties of sweet dishes prepared according to each customs and they share the bonding through food by sharing with others. just like any other people, cleaning their homes inside out and welcoming the new year with great pomp and spiritual reverence is the motto behind these celebrations!!

United Kingdom:

Here too the common Jan 1stcelebrations happen, as the New year!! But, what they do at the midnight will be a surprising fact!! After the commencement of the NewYear at midnight, all the UK citizens across the globe join together their hands, standing in a circle and sing the song “Auld Lang Sayne” a poem written by Scottish poet.


This land follows a nice tradition of throwing White flowers into the sea, as a mark of respect to the sea goddess, with the hope that she will make their new year better than the old and fulfill all their wishes!


The most happening and developing part of the world, here circles have found to be a sacred thing. People on New Year wear dresses that have these shapes, a polka dot, small circles, and eat circle shaped foods like oranges, and also indulge in tossing coins, as they are believed to bring prosperity.


The interesting part of Russian New year is that they need to write a wish on a piece of paper and burn it by the new year, add this ash into the glass of champagne and finish that champagne by 12:01 on the new year!! This will make their wishes come true!!

Germany and France:

These two commonly clubbed nations have ‘eating’ a specific food as a tradition. Germany has a tradition of eating doughnuts filled with a special jam for the new year, to make their year a good one. While France people eat a special kind of Crepe, to welcome the new year in best tone. Overall, New Year is a time to wish and pray for a better year, that brings goodness, fortune, and prosperity not just for the single person but to the nation as a whole. People are all connected with each other of different parts of the globe due to work and commitment. So, in case you are looking to wish your counterparts on the other side of the globe, then here are a few business styles of wishes that you can send their way!! Well, if they are close to you, then you may gift appropriately according to their tradition that we just said above. Basically, business wishes should be simple yet effective, and apt. words need to be chosen carefully and read in a manner that they should understand the same way as you wrote. “Wishing You and Your Company a Successful Completion of the year, celebrating great results and achievements. We hope and look forward to reaching great heights in partnership in this forthcoming year”!!

This is another one with great meaning:

“Work is an integral part of our life and a good source of happiness too! We wish that your job brings you growth both personally and in career, advancement with great moral satisfaction and warm trustful relations and wealth in the coming year”!!

To your colleagues:

“My dear, distinguished colleagues; before I became a member of this wonderful team, I never thought that work and pleasure were compatible to each other. Now, after working with you all, I am convinced that its possible! Wishing us all a Fruitful partnership in the coming year! Happy holidays!!