Making Partner

Making Your Partner Feel Loved On New Year’s

Come New Year, all we can think of is a party, dance, and drinks. But there are plenty of other ways to celebrate New Year’s. Especially when it comes to spending the New Year’s Eve with your partner, there are so many beautiful things you could do, to make the day special.

If you are looking for ideas to express your love, there can be no better idea than what your heart tells you. There is definitely no doubt about that. But if you need a fresh perspective, an ignition to spark your creativity, then here are some wonderful things you could do for your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or your husband/wife for the New Year.

No better day to propose

If you are planning to propose to your loved one, then no better day than the New Year’s Eve. Whether it is a flash mob proposal you plan or a simple candlelight dinner, when you do it on the New Year, it gives you both two special occasions to celebrate. And you also have a new life to welcome along with the new year that dawns. So from that day, every single New Year would remind you both of your special proposals.

A photo gift, check!

Customised photo gifts appear clichéd. But if you are someone who doesn’t know how to choose gifts then a photo gift is something that you can never fail with. If you do not wish to stick with the regular gifts like a photo mug, get one sketched or get a blow-up wall mural installed in your room.

A good old love letter

This is our most favorite pick when it comes to expressing love. If you have been lazy and if you have been postponing the task of penning down a love letter for your lover, then use the New Year as an opportunity to do that. For the unromantic souls hunting for words, there are plenty of love letter inspirations available online. And if nothing else works you could even copy any of the historically popular love letters. Simply have it handwritten, add some elegance by choosing an exotic paper, throw some glitter or some bling or any other embellishment to add your personal touch.

A card can never let you down

If you cannot write a love letter find a card that has romantic love quotes. As busy as life gets we often forget to express love and to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. So why not use the New Year’s eve as an occasion to really find something that would make them feel loved? Expressing love through words, be it your words, or someone else’s words that are so relatable can be one of the most amazing things to do for your lover.

Teddy bears, flowers and chocolates- never underestimate this killer combo

When it comes to finding gifts, the variety that you can find in the market is the best thing about buying gifts and it is also the most daunting thing about finding gifts. Do not be overwhelmed with the many choices. For the New Year’s it is all about letting your loved one know that you really care. It is the loving gesture that matters and not the gift. So you do not have to break your head figuring out what to give. Choose the traditional fool-proof combination of flowers, teddy bear, and chocolates. These are gifts that most men and women can never say no to.

Electronic love letters for the modern lovers

Again we talk about putting it all in words. How many times did you tell your partner “I Love you” during your courtship days? How many times do you tell that after marriage? The number goes down in most cases. So to bring back the magic, to rekindle the spark nothing beats the use of words. Sit down and write everything that comes to your mind. You could use any of the messaging channels or the good old email to drop your electronic love messages. Find a handful of e-cards and love quote images and add them to your email for some extra grandeur. If you do not find the words, simply write about the year that went by – talk about all the best memories of the year and the things that you loved the most. Talk about your plans for your loved one for the coming year.

A new nickname a year

When was the last time you hunted for a quirky and fun nickname for your partner? If it was not in the recent past, then find one this New Year. Gift your loved one a unique nickname.

Visit the families

Visit each other’s families on the New Year’s day. After all, long-lasting relationships do need the strong support of both the families and involve two families becoming one. This would be a memorable thing for the families as well.

Run away as two secret lovers in hiding

Eloping as lovers can be both frightening and exciting at the same time. Why not try this when you are legally bonded? Married couples often forget to retain the fun element in the marriages. So the New Year’s can be a great occasion to make that happen. Arrange for a secret trip for just the two of you. Pack your partner’s bags and surprise him or her.

A dreamy yacht experience

If you do not know where to travel, you have the option of booking a yacht cruise. Yacht cruises on the New Year’s eve can be expensive and difficult to book. So plan in advance so that you manage to find a good one.

It is all about the honesty

It is always good to try and break free of all the rules. But maintain an honesty and do something that is as close to your style as possible. Understand your partner’s love language to be able to find the right words and to find the right things to do.