Making New Year Celebrations Fun For The Whole Family

Festivals mean different things to different people. But one thing that we all love about festivals is that they provide us a chance to spend some time with our family and friends. The singles have a gala time with their friends. The couples have their own romantic dinner plans and they dance all night to rock the New Year’s. But once there are kids at home, when there are parents coming by there is very little that is often planned for this special day. It often goes by like another quiet little celebration. If that is the case with the New Year celebrations at your house as well, then now is the time to rethink your plans. Who said New Year’s or any celebrations for that matter cannot be made fun and frolic with the family? In fact, with the little ones to add life to the party, there are so many cool things you could plan for to make it one of the best days of the year, for the whole family.

Raise a mocktail toast

New Year’s without drinks? Well, the parents of younger kids know the irony of celebrating a booze-free new year party. It doesn’t have to be boring without the drinks. Bring the kids together to whip up a concoction of the best fruits. Let your imagination run wild. If you need a spark there are plenty of mocktail recipes available online. All these are 100% kid friendly. So you can raise a toast with the little members of the family, guilt-free!

A family that bakes together!

In most houses, New Year celebrations are not complete without a cake. Cakes taste sweeter when the whole family gets together to bake them. Why not make a whole batch of the family’s favorite cake and cupcakes for the New Year for a sweet way to welcome the new year. When the tiny tots join, expect a lot of mess, but then that is the whole thing that makes this task a whole lot more fun.

Get them cracking

Fireworks are important for most celebrations. And kids love fireworks. But it is possible to totally get the fun of fireworks without having to disturb your neighbors. Look for DIY crackers and party poppers. These are even more fun than the fireworks as they are totally fun and totally safe.

Look for kiddie parties

Some places have a lot of midnight kid-friendly parties. If your neighborhood has one, then you are in luck. If there is none close by you could gather all the parents you know and throw a party where kids can have fun.

A discotheque at home

Disco lights cheap ones are available in the market. You could also find a lot of them on rent. Clear out a large room and mount some disco lights. Get your home theater inside and start your home discotheque. Without the crowd, without the worry about the safety of your kids, you can still dance away the night on the New Year’s Eve.

Dinner date with the family

Candlelight dinners are calming and special. Throwing a simple and elegant dinner at home with those lights dimmed out and lavish dinner spread out at the table, can be super exciting. This might not work that well if there are very young kids at home. But for the older kids, this can be a great chance to sit together and share all the important memories that the year had given.

Resolutions together

Getting the kids to write down their resolutions can be easy if the parents get involved too. Show them your resolutions and help them frame theirs. This would help you have a little partner in watching each other and helping each other stick with the resolutions.

Good old karaoke party

Nothing beats a karaoke party when there is a family get-together. Karaoke sets are now easy to find. There are affordable ones that can be used for all family parties and there are those can you can rent as well.

Let the games begin

Family games are great fun. If you have a stash of board games sleeping on the shelves bring them out during the New Year’s. Games like Twister are super interesting to make even the toughest nut crack! Let out the kid in you with all those fun family games during the New Year.

A gift for every chime

Talking about gifts, why do it the old-fashioned way! Arrange for 12 gifts that could be opened for the 12 chimes at midnight. Whoever manages to open one before the next chime strikes get to keep the gift. Gifts do not always have to be lavish ones. You could even pack humble candies and handmade goodies.

Movie marathon

Watch back to back movies all night. The younger kids might doze off halfway through the night. To arrange for a cozy fort for the family sleepover.

Pick a tradition each year

There are so many unique traditions followed around the world to celebrate New Year’s. Pick one tradition each year and fully learn about it. Get the whole family to learn one interesting aspect about the tradition and then after a few years you have not just a few interesting things to do for the New Year’s but also valuable information about the culture around the world.

‘Ball’oon drop

If you cannot get the kids to the crowded Times Square Ball drop or if you stay far away and still wish to recreate this iconic tradition then arrange for a balloon drop. This is something that the kids can help you put together.

Bring out the pirate in you

Another way to give those gifts is to arrange for a good old treasure hunt. Pay attention to every detail, prepare a mock treasure map and make the game interesting for the kids and adults alike.

If nothing else works, pack your bags

Finally, if you do not have the strength nor the time to make any of the arrangements, pack your bags and head on a road trip. Go camping, or go explore a new place.

So what are you doing this New Year’s?