About Us

Here is why we are your best bet:

There are hundreds of websites on the internet that provide for templates to wish your friends, families, and acquaintances on festive days and on their birthdays. Why should you choose us? Besides having the largest database of birthday greetings templates, we are known for our customizable options too. We are awesome from the word Go!

You don’t need to download any of the clunky software on your device:

The templates that are available on our website have extensions such as PSD (Adobe Photoshop); FLA (flash), GIF and JPEG which are graphics files and SWF or audio and animated graphics files. Now it would be a little too much if you had to individually download each one of this software on to your computer. It would be space crunching and definitely speed lowering. With the latest technology that we run, you can download the images in whatever format they are in without having the corresponding software on your device. This has created waves in the industry today and the technology is closely guarded by us as of now. We have also applied for patenting of the technology which we are assured by the Registry that will be granted to us shortly.

You must check out our database:

Our multimedia and graphics database is impressive with at least five hundred entries in every category. The graphic user interface on our website is easy to use and navigation is like a child’s play. You just have to log on to the site and follow instructions.

Personalization is the order of the day!

 Gone are the days when people used to send redundant cards bought off the shelf and signed and sent in snail mail. Today, if you want to stand out in your enterprise or amongst your acquaintances and family, you must begin to customize your wishes and gifts. Customized greeting cards leave lasting memories in the minds of the recipient and it gives you great satisfaction to know that the other person has indeed received your well wishes with as much goodwill as you had sent it.

It can do a world of good for your business:

If you or your company has a website or a blog that is regular, a customized greeting to your patrons, members and followers can work like magic to create more audiences and also give a sense of belonging to the already existing community.

Wishing people can act like dopamine:

Have you noticed that people behave very well if you maintain steady communication with them? This phenomenon is widely acknowledged across social media. It is precisely for this reason that you must continue to keep the channels of communication open. Our templates can give you mind-blowing ideas on creating new wishes and other comments. You need to only pick a graphic and insert your customized text in there. Copy the link on your website and voila!

Our templates are free:

We provide our services free to the community. There is no compulsion to pay. However, we do accept any voluntary contribution for the upkeep and the creation of new templates. But like we said already, our customers are never ever obliged to pay.