Now Sending New Year’s E-greeting Is As Easy As ABC

This is the internet age: Today, people prefer to measure efficiency in time. Time is indeed money. There used to be a time when people used to spend days thinking about going for shopping to buy greeting cards for friends and family before they painstakingly set out to decide what they should buy for each individual. They would mull over the written content of the card and the graphic image of the card and try to see if it was the right thing after all to send. Those were the days of limited choices: The choice of greeting cards was limited way back then. Of course, because it can never make sense to produce more than what can be consumed. Greeting cards once printed would become old, redundant and out of fashion, pretty much unusable even in the next coming season. That may explain why there was never more than twenty maximum choices in each segment of the stationery shop that we visited a few years ago.

Today, e-greetings are a norm:

It is easy to send a person good thoughts and congratulating him on his achievements and even to wish them on festivals like the New Years and Christmas and the innumerable personal festivities that happen throughout the year. There is no dearth of celebrating various feast days and other days like the Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, friendship day then why should there be a dearth of greetings?! If customization is your kind of thing, then you must take a plunge: If you believe that you cannot or should never be able to send common greeting cards to each of your family members then you must log on to websites like ours that give you hundreds of different idea templates to work your imagination on!

Imagine that the sky is the limit!

There is no limit to the possibility of creating greeting cards as much as you like and each different from the other. Hundreds of templates and thousands of graphics and multimedia clips can ensure that no two of your greeting cards are the same ever. Imagine the amusement on the faces of your recipients when they receive a completely customized card! The greeting card that is made from the templates on our website can guarantee you millions of smiles. There is never a dull moment when a person realizes that you actually took the pain to customize the card for them. Imagine the positivity around yourself and the brand image that you create. The e-greetings can do wonders for your website and personal or professional blogs: Now, imagine if you were to put up such beautifully made greeting for new years or Christmas and hosted it on your company or institutional website, what a great good will it could create in the minds of your clients and customers. it is a total win-win situation!

The greeting cards can also be sent in emails:

Do you remember the e-greeting services that were rampant a few years ago? They could make sending customized cards over in an email. However, the service did not last too long because of the variety of cards as too small. The same cards cannot be sent to the same recipients for two consecutive years, can they? With our website, you can be sure that you will have thousands of mutations possible and thus you can safely conclude that no two cards can be the same ever unless it is your wish to duplicate it!

You can make e-greeting cards on your own too:

Making templates for greetings and making individual greeting cards is also possible but it is a long drawn process. The requirements for doing from the scratch are the following:

First of all, you will need image editing applications and software like the Adobe photo-shop and Flash. These two are the most popular ones. But there are other not so famous ones that can also make a decent mark.

Time: making graphics templates is not a very easy job if you do not have the technical knowledge and the right tools to make it happen for you and quickly. You can no doubt learn the skills from YouTube videos and other paid webinar course material but the amount of time and dedication that you need to put into it may vary from person to person. You must ask yourself and be able to answer whether putting in so much time is worthwhile when there is great software that provides you with unlimited and great options!

Extra space on the device’s drive is surely what not everyone in today’s times can afford. There are so many applications and tools on the devices already that it makes it clunky and slow. That is why it makes sense always to have an application where the image and multimedia editors are inbuilt and do not require any downloading at all.

The website is web-enabled. This is the icing on the cake. Having a web-enabled application means that you can log in at will from any device with your own password and that makes it also secure and safe. Additionally, you can use the website across your devices and also not create any space crunch!! The cards are even printable. For people who are not connected through email or the older generation who is not savvy with computers can be given customized and hand printed cards so that they know that each one of them was thought of in a special manner on such important days!

Happy New Years Greetings

Here is a world of possibility when you try to create customizable cards on the website:

Attaching audio and video messages is now possible:

The extension of the files will tell you a lot about what the files are about: When you download templates form our website, they will be in different formats. The extension of the file should give you a clear idea about the format in which the file is stored. Swf format of files are audio files which can help you add your own voice to the e-greeting for the personal effect to it. Some of the files may also be saved in HTML format and they will have an extension of .html

Would it not be exciting to be able to truncate a small audio file in your own voice or a small footage of your own video file to the already chosen and customized greeting. Imagine the kind of joy that it can bring to the person who will be receiving this. He must think himself to be the lucky person on the planet then. There is nothing better than staying in touch! As human beings, we are gregarious in nature. To say that a man can stay all alone by himself just like an island is something that is unimaginable. Everyone needs to be in touch with the other, especially people whom they know and keep acquaintances with. It is possible that in the mad race of earning a livelihood, people may become busy and so engrossed in meeting their day to day needs that communicating can take a back seat. This needs to be corrected. Maybe a greeting card asking the person to stay in touch or simply saying that you are being thought about can add so much magic that it can mend the forgotten ways and even heal broken hearts.

Communication is a primary need of man:

Psychiatrists around the world believe that communication channels between humans help the foster feeling of unity and harmony. It is important that people do not cut away their ties with other people altogether because that is exactly where all the problems seem to begin. Personalized greetings for happy occasions such as new years will make sure that you Maintain cordial ties with your friends, relatives et al; That you show them you care by spending even a few minutes to create a personalized card especially for them; The person who sends it and the person who is receiving it both have the satisfaction of doing so; The festivals have an extra sparkle to them when you know someone remembers you on such important or sacred days!

Free website or paid ones?

Let us come to the main point of whether you should choose a website that provides you with free templates or a paid one. if the greeting is for personal use then it is good to start with a website that offers its service for free. If you are using such cards for commercial purposes and you think that you can afford to buy the card then you should be able to take a call on that yourself. But we recommend that you start with the free website to learn the ropes of it. As you go and you feel the need for it, you can graduate to a paid greeting card website.